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Body Balancing with Buffi

A Natural Way to Heal


My name is Buffi

I have studied Integrated Energetics under Emily Shine.

I have always been passionate about healing and balancing the body through a holistic approach and believe Integrated Energetics is a wonderful way to achieve this.

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What is Integrated Energetics

Integrated Energetics is a hybrid energy medicine modality that uses muscle testing and bio feedback to determine where blockages are present in the body.  We can then find out what modality the body needs in order to release these blockages and find its way back to a balanced state.

Some of the tools and techniques used in a session may include;

* Muscle testing / Biofeedback

* Acupressure points (these are held, no needles are used)

*  Flower essences and essential oils

*  Sound Healing

*  Chinese Medicine Meridians

*  Chakras + Aura Healing

*  EFT Tapping

*  Colour Therapy

* Crystal Healing

And more ...

Dr. Edward Bach

“Treat the cause not the effect”

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Doolandella QLD, Australia



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